english online and earn up to $25/hour! 

If you are looking to work from home (or from anywhere in the world!), have a flexible schedule with NO commitment, and make up to $25 dollars an hour, online ESL teaching may be the perfect opportunity for you! Most companies require a bachelor's degree, teaching experience with kids (homeschooling counts!), eligibility to work in the US or Canada, and an ESL certification (scroll down to learn how to get it for cheap!) 
To learn more and apply to Zebra English, click the link below:
Before filling out your application, please email me at datesanddimples@gmail.com so I can guide you through the application questions and help you avoid any confusion.
When you use my referral link and/or code, you will get access to my hiring roadmap and in-depth slide-by-slide guide to acing your demo! Make sure you apply through this link - you will not be able to add me as a referral later on. 
To learn more about Zebra English, please join our Zebra English Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219704865964054
This is open to you whether you have applied through my link yet or not!
Please email me at datesandimples@gmail.com after you have applied with my link so I can send you the password to the resource portal. 
The following are the other online ESL companies I work for! Each company is unique so click their logos below to learn more about them and find the right fit for you.
PS. I have printable props and hiring support for my VIPKID & Gogokid Referrals too!
My referral code: DIANA0309
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do i need a teaching or esl Certification?

Most (if not all) online ESL companies require you have an ESL certificate before you teach. This TESOL 120-hour certification course is only $19.99 and is used by many online ESL teachers (it's the one I have)! Set aside one or two afternoons and get it done before applying.